2.5 Speeches

A) To construct  and deliver a seminar on a, topic, issue, idea, conflict (use of language, character etc) that has been presented at least two different perspectives or interpretations/viewpoints of this aspect in the text.

B) To construct and deliver a oral presentation on a topic, issue, idea, conflict, situation that is thought-provoking/controversial this year
*You must present at least two different perspectives/interpretations/viewpoints on this topic, issue, idea, conflict or situation

Is water wet? Its a pretty stupid question right? why would you do a speech topic on that? Well from this speech I am going to persuade you today that water is indeed not wet because I wish to live in a society where people realize the fact that water is not wet and end the debate weather it is or not. In this speech topic I will be discussing the factors over what wet actually means. I am going to look at the two different angles you can look at this conspiracy and conclude my final thoughts on it all.

If I were to ask you is water wet chances are you would first think “well of course it is” but this brings me to my first point which is my perspective on it weather water is wet or not. In my perspective

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