Characterization – Rudy Steiner

Rudy Steiner at the beginning of the text was a nine year old German boy with bony legs, sharp teeth and lemon yellow hair. Rudy was also a very active child, he dreamed of being like Jessie Owens, who was at that time the fastest man alive with four gold medals in the Olympics of 1936 held in Munich Germany. because of these events Adolf Hitler was not impressed and refused to shake the African Americans hand. This however didn’t change Rudy’s thoughts on Jessie Owen. For him i think he believes on equal rights and did not approve of what Hitler did towards an athlete that works hard to where he was and to get treated like that is outrageous. From this it would be understandable for Rudy to not think the best of Hitler and the rest of the Nazis. Jessie Owen was always an inspiration to Rudy. So much so one time he pretended he was him covered himself in mud to look as dark as he could and then ran that 100 m track as fast as he could and pretended the crowd was screaming “Jessie Owens”

Another aspect of Rudy Steiner I found interesting in the text is that he is a perfect example of “ideal Nazi” Rudy had lemon blonde hair, sea blue eyes and both parents were German. For me I saw a different side of Germany in World War Two representing the poor and sad side of Germany. We saw in the text that not all Germans agreed and were happy with what their leader of their country was doing.

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