Characterization – “The Book Thief”

For each character, include what we learn about them at the beginning of the text. Include quotations that support this presentation. Then include how the characters develop as significant events/changes occur in their lives (again include quotations to show these ideas). What occurs in their lives to cause these changes? Lastly, include what characters’ dialogue, actions, and behaviors teach us about them? What do these details also show about people or human nature in general?



In the start of the text “The Book Thief” By Markus Zusak Liesel was a  innocent 10 year old German girl and throughout the text we see her grow into a confidence young lady around 15 at the end of the text. Liesel presents in the text trust issues at that start. An example of this is when she first arrived at Hemmel street (Heaven street) when she was sitting in the car unsure about coming out as days before hand she lost her own brother Werner in front of her eyes and the same day she said goodbye to her own mother for good So you would expect her to be having struggle having confidence and having average trust issues to enter a new family after all that. Hans Hubermann is the one who ends up getting her out by gaining as much trust as he could do in a short amount of time aswell as Liesel may of been  thinking  that she   she has trust as at this moment in time she had nobody else so in a way she had nothing to lose. Another example of Liesels trust issues in the text “The Book Thief” 


In the text “The Book Thief” By Markus Zusak Hans Huberman presented passion and careful person. I found that Hans had a big influence on Liesel change in the text I found that Liesel deserved someone like Hans Hubermann someone who can she could talk to about everything someone to distract her from everything that was happening in the world An example of this is when Liesel first stayed the night at the hubermann when she was putting her to sleep he noticed



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