Maturation of Liesel Meminger

  1. Initially what would you imagine a person who steals books to be like?
    Untrustworthy? Mysterious? Evil? How does Liesel differ from your initial notions of who a “book thief would be”?
    Personally If someone were to ask me what would i imagine a book thief would seem like  would say a book thief would be a reckless and someone what of an evil person. However Liesel is presented different than what I said as the time she was stealing books it was at the start of World War Two where Nazis were burning books so I guess Liesel stealing them wasn’t as bad.
  2. Explain how these early experiences in Liesels life would have affected her as a child? What do these early references to Liesel indicate about how she is going to interact with others? What will be her goals/ objectives in life? What conflicts/difficulties may she have as she matures? 

    I can imagine that a lot of damage was done to Liesel  after everything that happened to her for example when Liesels brother Werner basically died on her lap and her own mother had to abandon her. We saw and noticed that damage did occur to her life through this, she wasn’t exactly an open book when she first met Hans, Rosa and Rudy. I would imagine after everything that happened to her she would have a lot of trust issues with new people. In my opinion her objectives for the rest of her life was just to live and be happy  with the the people in her own life never forgetting the people that brought her up. Hans, Rudy etc.

  3. Why are books and words so important to Liesel? How does she learn that
    words can be used for good and for evil?
    Books and words are important to Liesel as it gave Liesel an outlet to distract her from the chaos that occurred a lot in her own life. It gives Liesel a sense of accomplishment as we see her not being able to read when she was 9 years old at the start of the text and we even see her sense of accomplishment as she grows to go from not being able to read to constantly leaning new words  and reading 24-7. Words to Liesel is one of the most important aspects in her life even when we see her grown up we see her working at a library. All those books meant something significant towards Liesel for example “the Gravediggers handbook” this book gave Liesel a gate way if you like to her past with her own mother and her brother.
  4. Why does Liesel vow that she will never kiss Rudy?
    Liesel vowed to never kiss Rudy as she feels noting more with Rudy than a very good friend

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