Poem In Context

Dulce Et Decorum Est – Wilfred Owen

Who Was Wilfred Owen? 

Wilfred Owen was a English Soldier and one of the leading poet in WW1 born March 18th 1893 in Britain died at the end of WW1 at the age of 25 in November 1918.

Why Did Wilfred Write The Poem?

Wilfred Owen wrote poem to his mother and was a form of catharsis to deal with the horrific things he saw during WW1 specifically the gas that was used to poison the soldiers.

Where and When was the Poem Written?

Wilfred Owen poem: Dulce et Decorum Est was written known to be written in France but most people don’t know exactly know where it was written but it is known that all of Wilfred’s poems were written in one year but his most popular one Dulce Et Decorum Est was published to world in 1920 but however was written during the end of WW1 in 1918.

What does the poem mean today?

Now a days this poem: Dulce et Decorum Est written by Wilfred Owen shows to the readers the gore and destruction during WW1

How is the Poem Interpreted?

Personally this poem made envy all of the men that fought and died during WW1 because it made me feel sorry for them and their families





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