Significantance Connections To The Books In “The Book Thief”

The Gravedigger’s Handbook:

The book “The Gravedigger’s Handbook” that Liesel takes this book from the snow after the apprentice for the funeral dropped it, at her brother. “The Gravedigger’s Handbook” was the first book that Liesel stole and we saw that it would be the first of many.  Werner’s funeral has quite a big significance Into Liesel as a character. For me personally I see that the Gravedigger’s Handbook represents the narrator death as from what we see as the audience death started following her when her brother Werner passed in front of her eyes and that just so happened to be when she picked up “The Gravedigger’s handbook” in the snow at Werner’s funeral. This book represents death in another aspect as This book follows her throughout the text for example when she hides the book underneath the mattress and when she sometimes slept with it in her arms.

The Shoulder Shrug:

The text “The Shoulder Shrug” is the book where Liesel rescued from the Nazi book burning. it was known as burnable as it had a Jew protagonist. This may be the reason Liesel was very accepting towards Max when he entered the Hubermann household. When Liesel took the book she hid it inside her jacket I found personally that was a good use of symbolism showing that words can have a physical impact on people and whilst still burning so from that we saw she cared about the words in the book. The book “the shoulder shrug” represents rebellion against the Nazis as all the Nazi wanted to burn every book that mentions Germany in a negative way.

A Song in the Dark:

“A Song in the Dark” is a text in which Liesel once again stole from the Hermann’s. Liesel read “A Song In the dark” during the bombing attacks. When Liesel started reading she brought peace to everyone in the shelter. Everyone stopped crying talking and worrying and decided to listen to her story. The book in a way became Liesel’s accordion for Hans absences after he got sent away.

The Dream Carrier:

“The Dream Carrier” is the first book that Liesel steals from the Hermann’s. After Liesel is given a note from Frau Hermann saying they are sorry they can no longer pay to have their washing done, Frau Hermann gives Liesel this book as a gift. Liesel doesn’t want the book because is so angry at them for canceling Rosa’s job she doesn’t want it as a gift. “The Dream Carrier” is a text about an abandoned child who dreams of being a priest. I find that this relates to Liesel and max as they are both survivors in the situation that they are in. With Liesel that lost her whole family and Max that has to be put in hiding as he is Jewish. This text “The Dream Carrier shows symbolism to both of them as new beginnings. 


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